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This is part 1 of a 5 part series that both explains Pro Tools 12’s features and reviews the software. Each week, a new part will be released, leading up to the overall review in part 5. Enjoy! Part 1: Overview So here I was, sitting in front of a DAW that was constantly locking up and spitting out “AAE Error -9173” within 10 seconds of pressing the space bar – even on moderate sessions. The DAW in question was Pro Tools HD 11.3. The hardware I was running wasRead More
There is that point all of us find ourselves when we know just enough about tracking and mixing to be dangerous. We’ve become aware that there is specific gear that pros use and various forums, articles, as well as ads for products all telling you “you need this or your mixes will never sound like (insert the “IT” mix engineer of the time)”. All the while you’re simply trying to get some semblance of a good mix on what gear you can afford. Then comes the stage where you’ve learnedRead More

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Exclusive: Interview with Abandoned Pools

I’ve been a huge fan of Abandoned Pools since their first album Humanistic. Today, Tommy is releasing his long awaited third full length album Sublime Currency and was generous enough to give us an exclusive interview. What makes this particular interview perfect for this site is that Tommy writes, tracks, produces, engineers, and mixes the project from start to finish. Very rarely do you see an artist that versatile and committed to putting out the most pure version of their art. The end result is nothing less than spectacular. ER:Read More

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Countdown: Gear Of The Year 2010 Part 2

Continuing my cliche list of stuff I thought was cool this year, we move into the Top 5. This was a fairly easy countdown for me because this stuff pretty much spoke for itself. I had to refrain from making an iPad app heavy list, but I’m just so impressed with what developers are doing for this device I initially talked a great deal of trash about. I did however refrain from calling the iPad the best piece of gear for the recording industry, but I did feature one appRead More

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Guest Post: Graham Cochrane

I’m not the best at figuring out what to write for tips and tricks for recording, but today we have an actual credible professional writer in our midst. He’s written a book, The #1 Rule of Home Recording, and many videos on the subject of recording. They can be found HERE and he posts regularly on his site, The Recording Revolution. I actually check the site regularly personally for great tricks, especially on Pro Tools. He’s even made it as far as to make it on Avid’s Pro Tools newsletter.Read More

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Countdown: Gear Of The Year 2010 Part 1

2010 was full of all sorts of surprises for the recording industry and some great stuff was released, so while you’re still rolling around on the ground from all of the food you ate this holiday season, I was lazily throwing together old posts to fill up space on this site tirelessly working at Everything Recording HQ putting together a list of some of the best things to make their way into the world of gear. Fun fact:  Did you know Everything Recording HQ isn’t accessible by car, airplane, orRead More

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Dan K: The Art Of The Remix

Since this site is called Everything Recording, I want to make sure that just about any base I possibly can cover, is covered and since I’m mainly well versed in the art of Pro Tools, I’m not that much help with other means of recording. Plus I’m extremely lazy. So in order to bring some variety to the site, I’ve brought in a guy I’ve known for quite a while to show you a whole other side of recording – the remix. So hold the applause and drop yo draws,Read More