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A lot of tutorials focus on mixing, but one of the more important topics that are all too often looked past is GETTING THE AUDIO RIGHT AT THE SOURCE. This very important topic can shave hours off of mixing. Groove3 and the Blackbird Academy have made a video series that addresses this. Hal Leonard has released a new installment of The Blackbird Foundation Series at Groove3: Mic Choices & Placement. Taught by The Blackbird Academy Co-Director and Instructor Kevin Becka, this new course covers the essential information need to choose andRead More

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pureMix 2.0 Launch

Good Morning Children! The site that makes learning fun has turned 2.0. pureMix has launched an all new sleek interface complete with fancy new buttons, and clothes to match the great training videos (including several Cooking with Fab tutorials that will get you in with the ladies). See, you not only learn about mixing and production, but also about life, love, and that the upright bass works for the devil. How can you resist? On top of pureMix offering free tutorials (link HERE), they’re also offering a sale of 40%Read More
So you buy a Maschine Controller with a nice new MacBook Pro. You plug it in and the device flashes twice, then goes to just the Native Instruments logo but nothing lights up. Immediately, you think the worst, “my controller is broke”. If you are lucky, you have a friend with one to use just to see if its your controller. His controller does the same thing. You reinstall drivers, software… everything. Nothing fixes it. Well, you’re in luck… I have a fix. The issue lies in an Avid CoreRead More
Once again people, my mental anguish is your gain. This time I had issues getting Propellerhead Reason to show up in Pro Tools 11 as a rewire. The fix is actually very easy and can be used with other plugins or rewire software. What you have to do is delete the “installedAAX” file and restart Pro Tools. The file can be quite tricky to find on newer OS X versions but alas I’ve got you covered. In OS X, click on your desktop to pull up the “Finder” option inRead More

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Presonus Studio One Instructional

I’m finding that Presonus Studio One is making a quick rise as a big player in the DAW World. I haven’t had a chance to mess with it yet but it looks surprisingly a lot like Pro Tools from the screenshots I’ve seen. To get everyone up to date, is available on This should get you started in the world of this surprisingly well received DAW. PreSonus® announced today that Up and Running with Studio One, a two-hour course of video instruction on PreSonus Studio One® DAW, featuring producerRead More

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iZotope 8 Part Vocal Master Class

Everyone loves tips and tricks right? Well iZotope paired up with John Perry to show us all how iZotope Nectar and Nectar elements can be used in real world vocal tracking situations. Nectar is iZotope’s one stop solution to vocal processing. No more hunting through insert menus to find that perfect signal chain. iZotope has you covered, and with someone who has years of experience with vocals, you can’t miss this free video series.  John Perry knows a thing or two about vocals. He sang with The Beatles on HeyRead More
Ever wondered how Dubstep was made? Easy… Watch this informative new video. I’m pretty much convinced this is exactly how it goes.Read More

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Maschine Help: Bar Length

Ok guys, you’re going to smack yourself right in the face when you see the solution to this one. Please place YouTube links to the video of this in the comments section. So your beats are too short and you need that Maschine Gun roll on the fourth bar. Well here’s how you fix it. -In your main beat window, you have all of your info. -Toward the bottom where your drum sounds are, you will see a very small option that says BAR LENGTH. -From there you can clickRead More

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HELP: Native Instruments Maschine Tip

OK so you’ve had Native Instruments Maschine for a while and you have upgraded to the new 1.7 update, but when you open it back up for the first time, everything is gone. Don’t panic my friend, Everything Recording has got you covered. It’s a very easy fix to a problem that really should be there in the first place. Simply go to the top of your screen where is says “Maschine” and go to “Preferences.” From there you can go to the tab that says, “Libraries” and click “Rescan.”Read More