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Posted On March 18, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: Kush Audio Electra DSP

(Insert very well mixed and arranged kitschy Muzak) … Aaaand we’re back with another Kush Audio review. This time audio and podcast mad scientist Gregory Scott of UBK brings us a plugin version of his hardware EQ by the same name. Electra puts a transient spin on normal EQ and like all things Kush, has a personality all its own.   What we have here is a 4 band EQ with a controllable High Pass filter all packed into a somehow modern but still retro looking 500 series interface… muchRead More
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Posted On March 18, 2015By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

Clarke VC Series Auto Tune

The Eurorack modular system it the 500 series of the analog synth world, and Vince Clarke is the guy to tie it all together with the real world. He has created several modules for the small format system that seem to serve a unique purpose. BROOKLYN, NY, USA: synth-pop Svengali Vince Clarke is proud to announce that he will be releasing a series of creative and utilitarian modules for the ever-present Eurorack small-format modular system under the namesake Clarke company name, designed and built to exacting standards in close collaboration with British ‘boutique’ analogue synthesiserRead More
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Posted On March 14, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: Tracktion 5

It’s been quite a while since we’ve reviewed any type of DAW or sequencer. The reason behind this is pretty simple, new DAWs require re-learning, and when you are set in the patterns of your workstation, good or bad, you don’t necessarily like breaking from that comfort zone. So when Tracktion graciously gave me a copy to test, initially I wasn’t thrilled about having to start over with new software, but it quickly made me realize that I had been leaning on the system I knew for too long. ThatRead More
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Posted On March 14, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: Eiosis AirEQ Premium

This one has been in our sites for years. We loved the E2 De-esser (which needs to show back up for AAX) and knew that if Fabrice Gabriel designed Slate Digital’s incredible algorithms, his own non-analog modeled project would be just as impressive. But we’re not going to give AirEQ Premium a pass just because of its maker’s reputation. We wanted to see for ourselves if it was worth the years of hype and a blank “coming soon” website that plagued me for years… Seriously, I checked that page monthly.Read More
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Posted On February 27, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Online Audio School: Mixing Trap Beats

  Ken Lewis is a huge name in hip-hop and pop. This is someone who’s been behind the desk on some monster hip-hop records. Even though he’s achieved the music business “hat trick” by engineering, mixing, and producing multiple hits, he opens up his studio and workflow by showing you some of the tricks of his trade. The latest tutorial is over 2 hours long and guides you through an entire mix of a trap track. He not only goes over mix techniques but shows you how to add the icingRead More

Posted On February 27, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Native Instruments Expasion Neon Drive

80’s synths are coming back in almost every genre of pop lately. Native Instruments gives you the tools of the days of yore in a modern interface with upgraded quality for modern music. Berlin, February 25, 2015 – Native Instruments today introduced NEON DRIVE – a new MASCHINE Expansion providing a collection of tailored 80s- inspired sounds for producers working in contemporary pop, electronic, and R&B styles. A genre debut for Native Instruments, NEON DRIVE is available now at the NI Online Shop and runs in the MASCHINE 2 softwareRead More

Posted On February 27, 2015By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

Grado GR8e & GR10e

Prado makes some of the best headphones out there. Even though its not recommended practice, people like them so much, they mix on them. Now they’re back with in-ear versions with all of the same quality and sound as the bigger brothers. We’ve spent 62 years working on our signature sound, and now you can find that packed into our new GR8e and GR10e in-ears. Let’s welcome the two new in-ears to the family. Grado GR10e Learning never ends and the GR10e is a result of a constant desire toRead More

Posted On February 27, 2015By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

Arturia KeyLab 88

Arturia GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware company Arturia is proud to announce availability of KeyLab 88 — its top-of-the-range, professional-grade, 88-note hammer-action hybrid MIDI keyboard controller that comes complete with Arturia’s acclaimed Analog Lab software synthesizer solution and more besides — as of February 24… Since first turning heads and tempting ivory-tinkling types when making its debut at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, KeyLab 88 is what musicians the world over have been waiting for — from virtuosic performance to tightly integrated software control, its appeal is far reaching.Read More

Posted On February 27, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Drumatom 2

Drumatom is definitely a polarizing plugin. Some people swear by it, others embrace the sound of mic bleed. I can definitely see the use, especially with drum replacement software. Now Plugin Alliance have heard your suggestions and have incorporated major features in the new version. Drumatom, the world’s first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings, just got a MAJOR upgrade!  The drumatom2 application provides faster analysis (25-50% faster depending on CPU power), algorithm improvements and an improved workflow.  This is a free upgrade to all registered users of drumatom! PerhapsRead More
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Posted On February 24, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: Antares Auto-Tune 8

In more recent years, the uses of pitch correction have gone from simply a tool to polish up a vocal, to an instrument in its own right. Even though other competitors have come along with different approaches, Auto-Tune has remained a household name, even going as far as becoming a scapegoat for purists. Whether you’re on one side, the other, or in the middle; chances are if you work in audio, you will have to encounter some form of the tool. So why not know what the options are inRead More