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Given that Propellerhead announced a new SDK to make porting manufacturer’s plugins over to rack extensions more easily, a new version of Reason has been released. To encourage users to update, Propellerhead has announced a new free rack extension, Synchronous, a swiss army knife for rhythm based effects to tracks. I respect that Propellerhead has kept integrity by keeping the user experience close to the chest, I just hate having to buy the same plugins I own again. I think in the end, it doesn’t necessarily hinder the use ofRead More

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Waves Vitamin

I know I may catch flak on here from the elite saying this plugin can be done on your own, but I’m a proponent of “sometimes you need something done quick and easy.” Yes I’m all for the expanding of knowledge in mixing, but sometimes a project has deadlines and it doesn’t hurt to have a tool to get you there using a little less time and energy. Enter Waves new plugin Vitamin. Dubbed as a harmonic enhancer, this plugin acts as a quasi side chain EQ multitool to addRead More

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McDSP Channel G Surround in AAX

Need Channel G for Surround sound mixing in Pro Tools 10 or 11 in AAX-64? You’re in luck, It’s here! McDSP is proud to announce the release of Channel G Surround for Pro Tools 10 and 11 with support for both Mac and Windows, in AAX DSP and AAX Native plug-in formats. Channel G Surround, like all McDSP AAX plug-ins, includes a 64-bit audio path, real-time control smoothing, and operation above 0 dB. The AAX DSP version can also share dsp chips with other AAX DSP plug-ins on Avid HDXRead More
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XILS-lab 3 EMS VCS3 V.2 Update

Try saying that three times fast! XILS lab is known for their soft synths and they are offering an update to one of their staples, the XILS 3.  If you’ve wanted to own a vintage version of one of  these gems, you have to fork over some cash, but why do that when there is a perfectly good software version that won’t need constant maintenance? Exactly… and now it’s available in updated form. GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of XILS 3 V2.0 — an updated version of its authentic-sounding softwareRead More

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McDSP Reason Rack Extensions

Fear not Reason users! Colin McDowell has not forgotten about you and has ported over several new Rack Extensions for the Reason store. They range from classic emulations to modern versions of EQs from their Ultimate EQ series. Let’s hope to see their flagship Filter-bank. You can get the bundle for 119$ or each for 49$. Not a bad deal for one of the top plugin manufactures. McDSP is proud to announce the release of three new equalizers for Reason Rack Extensions. Choose from three uniquely and meticulously hand-crafted equalizersRead More
Main SEM interface - classic Oberheim SEM filter and oscillaotrs copy

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Arturia ISEM Adapts Audiobus

Arturia is always up for innovation and this is very apparent in the latest iteration of iSEM, iPad’s best soft synth. Audiobus support adds ease of connection between multiple apps. As Arturia’s second supreme subtractive synthesizer recreation for iPad, iSEM has proven popular with both first-time buyers beginning a journey into the wonderful world of synths and also seasoned synth professionals like former Depeche Mode keyboard player/programmer/arranger Alan Wilder, who actively appreciates both its authenticity as an original Oberheim SEM owner and the latest developments possible via its iPad host: “Being the owner of the original hardwareRead More

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808 Warfare

You’ve all heard the latest club banger and wonder, “where does that bass come from?” Usually you only get the one 808 bass sound that you have to process and reverse engineer to taste. Well don’t waste anymore time with that mess and get 808 Warfare. After blood, sweat and tears – we are proud to bring you another EPIC library of JUST 808 basses. We called it 808 Warfare – because the 808s in this product are aggressive, loud and unethical. Huge, EPIC 808 basses that “rattle the walls”Read More
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Soundtoys AAX-64

Finally! The plugin manufacturer everyone relies on for just about every mix can be used in Pro Tools 11. No more running 10 and bouncing files over. You can get all of their mangled delay, compression, tube saturating goodness in a DAW that doesn’t run out of DSP constantly! We’re excited to announce that version 4.4 of our award-winning effects plug-ins is here, adding 64-bit VST support for Mac and native AAX support for Windows. All of our most popular plug-ins are now compatibie with all supported 64-bit platforms, including Pro Tools 11,Read More

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Tone2 Rompler for ElectraX

I can’t say enough great stuff about Tone2. Everything they make has its own trademark sound yet still plays well with other synths in your track. The Rompler soundset is a great way of getting the creativity started with its patches that invoke movement and rhythm. The Rompler soundset utilizes ElectraX’ powerful multi-layer capabilities with a rich blend of sampling and synthesis. This creative sound library features a selection of 200 breathtaking presets, new inspirational sounds that cover a wide spectrum of music styles and built to provide a wealthRead More

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Ear Trumpet Labs Mabel

I’ve always been a fan of Ear Trumpet Mics. They have a very cool look and although I haven’t personally used one, the reviews are coming in pretty positive. I really like the swivel type head basket and dual cardioid capsule design they’re using on this one. If you’re looking for a unique looking mic with great components, look no further. April 3, 2014­—Ear Trumpet Labs, a privately owned company in Portland OR that makes handcrafted microphones, today announced the release of Mabel, a new microphone designed specifically for studio work.Read More