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SD 116 Email Graphics - Price

Posted On May 17, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Slate Digital FG-116 Blue Series

We all know Lord Alge swears by the blue face 1176. Everyone wants one but who has 5 grand laying around to buy one and even then, the maintenance bill is enough to make you pull your hair out. Steven Slate has footed the bill on the maintenance and modeled 2 REV A 1176s and even added one that has been souped up. They’re $149 right now as introductory so go get one. The FG-116 Blue Series adds the tone of two vintage REV A Blue FET compressors as wellRead More

Posted On May 17, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

IK Multimedia T-Racks Saturator X

T-Racks were some of the first plugins I used when I started mixing in the box. I still use the T-Racks CS suite to this day. IK Multimedia is back with a very versatile tool to add a little warmth or all out havoc on your tracks. Saturator X lets you choose between 10 different types of saturation and even features a brick wall limiter to maintain order even on the most extreme cases. T-RackS Saturator X is a plug-in that can be used on individual tracks or on theRead More
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Posted On May 17, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Spitfire Audio Evo Grid 3

Spitfire has made some incredible leaps in virtual instruments libraries and is one of the leaders in the field. Continuing that reign in the sound design world, Spitfire has released EVO GRID 3, a concept that literally beckons you to hit one note on the keyboard and let EVO GRID 3 do the rest. LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio, purveyors of the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples in the world, is proud to announce availability of PP021 EVO GRID 3 — taking its EVO GRID concept into hitherto uncharted musical waters withRead More

Posted On May 17, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: Softube Drawmer S73

Softube is back with another rendition of a great piece of hardware. The Drawmer 1973 is a three band stereo compressor that gives you the flexibility to add life as well as control elements in a mix. Softube saw this as an experiment on reinventing this multiband compressor into an easy to use tool for mixing and mastering. Thus the Softube Drawmer S73 was born. Softube has done all of the homework for you by taking the facets that made the 1973 great and placing it into compartmentalized sections. AllRead More
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Posted On May 16, 2016By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone 500

Sometimes all you need is a little balance. Tilt EQs can sometimes even tame material better than a standard EQ. Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone does this in a 500 series package. What sets Tilt Tone apart from other tilt EQ’s is the flexibility in giving the user 3 different center frequencies on which to “tilt” your EQ. The Tilt Tone Channel 500 (Tilt TC/500) is a 500 series channel strip featuring a balanced line level signal processor incorporating our class A discrete buffer amp from our world renowned Nicerizer summing mixer, a DI with ourRead More

Posted On May 16, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Audified MixChecker

Having as many reference sources as possible is crucial in the mixing game. Audified combines all of these sources into one plugin that goes on your mix buss that allows fast switching between reference material with MixChecker. BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio effects developer Audified is proud to announce availability of MixChecker — a must-have mixing assistant plug-in that transforms studio monitors into classic reference monitors or one of several consumer devices to instantly improve mixes — as of May 16… Mixing music or other content for consumer consumption is an art inRead More

Posted On May 11, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

iZotope Pro Audio Essentials

This almost seems like a paid service. iZotope has launched Pro Audio Essentials for free. This gives users training in a game based environment.  iZotope, Inc., makers of award-winning software for audio production, has unveiled Pro Audio Essentials, a free game-based course for music producers to practice and improve their audio skills. This web-based educational experience is the first of its kind in the audio education space, offering a unique combination of audio games, ear training, and instructional videos that help music makers flourish in an interactive learning environment. The course’sRead More

Posted On May 10, 2016By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News, Reviews

Review: Lauten Eden LT-386

Lauten first caught my eye / ear when they released a microphone called Atlantis. This microphone promised to tackle any type of vocalist through its trademarked “multi voicing system”. This is achieved using a switch on the microphone that physically changed the signal path in the microphone to alter the overall frequency response of the mic. I loved this idea but never got around to testing the Atlantis. But not too long ago, Lauten released an even more impressive specimen – the LT-386, codename, the Eden, which is an evenRead More

Posted On May 6, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Free: 8-Bit Logic Kick Drum

Who doesn’t like free? 8-Bit Logic features 120 electronic kick drum samples that feature envelope control, EQ, Saturation, and Effects. Works with Native Instruments Kontakt library. A free sample library featuring 120 high quality key-labeled kick drum samples in WAV format. Kick Drum (link) is a free collection of 120 high quality key-labeled electronic kick drum samples crafted by 8-bit Logic. Apart from the 120 drum samples in WAV format, the download also includes SFZ and NKI patches for each kick sample. Each included sample is key-labeled, meaning that it’s easy toRead More
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Universal Audio has grabbed a great EQ in the Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ as well as a world renown limiter with the Sonnox Oxford Limiter V2. This comes in conjunction with UAD Software V 8.6. Universal Audio is pleased to announce the release of UAD Software v8.6. Alongside the new UAD Fender ‘55 Tweed Deluxe Plug-In, this latest software release features two exclusive new plug-ins for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces  — the Softube-developed Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ and the Sonnox Oxford Limiter v2. Developed for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platformRead More