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We’ve all had that situation where we were in a rush and tracked the perfect take with the wrong mic or preamp and after letting our ears, hear a lot of commotion going on in the top end that we didn’t notice in the heat of tracking. Sometimes you just can’t quite EQ the artifacts out without compromising integrity of the signal. Thats where bx_refinement comes in. This new plugin can work to effectively cut the harsh sound out of a track without sacrificing too much. Another plugin Brainworx hasRead More
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XILS Lab is at it again with a new emulation of the VCS4. The company has been making strides in emulation with great versions of other classic gear as well as some new plugins such as RAMSES, their rhythm based gating and envelope effects plugin. GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of XILS 4 — an authentic software emulation of the legendary VCS4, a ‘dual VCS3’ analogue matrix modular synthesizer prototyped by EMS back in 1969, but never commercially released — as of May 19… EMS (Electronic Music Studios), aRead More
The old military spec paint, the iconic combination of red and blue Marconi knobs with grey fluted concentric knobs – even people who aren’t in the business of recording can recognize the design. There is no doubt that these colors represent one of the biggest names in recording and thanks to Dave Grohl and his incredible movie, he has driven the price of the hardware sky high. Yes, we all know the movie was great and his intentions were pure, but now this British staple in the pro audio worldRead More
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“There are no mixing rock stars.” This sentence resonates an attitude that is slowly falling by the wayside amid a vast landscape of social media and reality TV. It seems that everyone nowadays is performing to whatever crowd of friends, followers, and strangers… trying to be noticed and become the next big thing. Although this attitude is needed in most fields of the entertainment world, being an audio engineer requires a contradictory outlook. This can be a tough road for someone going into mixing with the wrong expectations. F. ReidRead More
Tone2 has done some great work with their entire line of software synths. Your proof is right here and here in the reviews we’ve posted. Now they’re pushing the limits a little further by using their own technology in modeling to recreate classic synths from the days of good ole analog. Exploring Saurus’ True Analog capabilities the Synth Legends soundset takes you into the depthsof aged circuitry, modular setups and authentic analog, delivering 200 classic synth patches.An inspiring collection of vintage instruments, Synth Legends perfectly mirrors the unique characterof analog hardware,Read More
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We all like winning right? Well why not get in on IK Multimedia and Orange Amps latest giveaway. They’re not kidding around with this giveaway offering you two chances to win QUITE a bit of prizes. April 23, 2014 - IK Multimedia, the global leader in digital modeling technology, announced a collaboration with Orange Amplification® to kick off the exciting release of AmpliTube Orange for iPhone/iPad by giving musicians the chance to win over $2200 in hardware and software music creation prizes! Entries will be accepted on the IK Multimedia websiteRead More
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Spitfire Audio: Kitchenware Glass

In cinema and sound design, having every edge is the key to getting all of the good contracts. Spitfire audio gives you the upper hand by adding all sorts of glass objects from around your kitchen to add some sonic spice to your tracks… get what I did there? LONDON, UK: compositional tools creator Spitfire Audio is proud to announce availability of KITCHENWARE – GLASS — the ninth instalment of its reasonably priced Producer Portfolio series, launched last year to satisfy repeated requests for drier-sounding, more manipulatable samples for moreRead More
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Antares Auto Tune EFX3

There’s no getting around it, Auto-tune is in our blood as a collective. It’s used both heavy handed as well as subtly and the EFX version is a quick way to correct some slight flaws and provide an icing on the track. Yes, it’s a sad state of affairs when every track has to be pitched to perfect scale but it’s not Antares fault. I actually use Auto Tune EFX quite a bit after I’ve used Melodyne on pop tracks to give it that perfect sound but you can takeRead More

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Drumatom 1.5 Update

Drumatom is one of the first in-depth standalone tools that helps eliminate bleed from other elements in the kit. Although it is not a plugin, it seems to have its use as its own application. I would like this plugin a lot better if it were incorporated into another DAW, but not having to use a gate to separate out each drum would help when replacing out parts. Now it has more features and a swanky new update. V1.5 out now! NEW in V1.5: Additional Hi-Hat analyzing & processing madeRead More

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McDSP Supports Avid S3L

The S3L is growing fast and McDSP, being one of the first plugin developers to support Pro Tools RTAS platform, so it would be no surprise that they were one of the first developers to support to S3L line. Take the power of McDSP plug-ins from the studio to the stage, and back again, with the release of Avid S3L support for all McDSP HD v5 plug-ins. McDSP has qualified all its AAX DSP plug-ins to operate on the S3L systems, and even added a few improvements to better supportRead More