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  Touchscreen has become a must with control surfaces. Avid has incorporated the iPad in the new Pro Tools Dock control surface. Burlington, MA, June 2, 2016 – Avid® today announced that the highly anticipated Pro Tools® | Dock, a portable, affordable surface that gives audio and music professionals intelligent studio control, is now available. Delivering on Avid Everywhere™, Pro Tools | Dock provides users a combination of touch and tactile control to create better sounding mixes more efficiently. Working together with an iPad running the free Pro Tools | Control app, users get the access, integration,Read More

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Softube Console 1 British Class A

Console 1 is a great idea, merging plugin console emulation with custom hardware. This gives the user a common surface to reference controls. Now the sound of a very famous British Class A Console is at your fingertips. LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: high-end plug-in specialist Softube is proud to announce availability of British Class A For Console 1 as of May 31… British Class A For Console 1: The Rolls-Royce of Rock ’n’ Roll Mixing Softube collects the most coveted and distinctive-sounding units of the pro audio world in a single channel strip, tightly integrated with the Console 1 hardware. FiveRead More

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Review: Slate Digital Bomber

Most Slate Digital plugins are modeled after specific pieces of gear, but recently, originals such as the Custom Series EQ and Tilt EQ (Review Here) have made their way into the mix. The Bomber is another original concoction from Steven Slate. According to Slate, this dynamic enhancing tool takes all of the experience they have learned from modeling famous gear and places it in one easy to use dynamics enhancer. This module is part of the Virtual Mix Rack (Review Here), a 500 series type plugin rack that houses manyRead More
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Arturia Analog Factory 2

I’ve been an avid user of Arturia going back to the days when it was called Analog Factory. The sound library fits in any genre with very little processing. Despite its bugs and hiccups from earlier versions, I still would use it. Now Arturia is back with Analog Lab 2, which brings presets from all of the new synths from V Collection 5. GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware developer Arturia is proud to announce availability of Analog Lab 2 — an all-new incarnation of its composite virtual instrument that gathers together a broad selectionRead More
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You can never get enough delays and Slate and D16 is back again for the 4th release this week with Repeater, a vintage modeled delay unit that can emulate countless delays. My friend Jay Baumgardner started collecting vintage delays and was raving about how cool the tones are and how much more creative he could get in his mixes when using them. Well, Jay is one of the best audio engineers in the world and certainly knows what he’s doing, so I figured I’d investigate. Fast forward a few weeksRead More
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Love him or hate him, I would be willing to put money on the fact that you will download this plugin. Especially since it is free. One thing about all of the FG 116 series modules is that they cannot do the “All Buttons In” trick a lot of engineers use. Since so many people requested, Slate has released the Monster, which is a modded compressor that does the all buttons in trick with style. Everyone always asks me “So why can’t I do the All Buttons In trick onRead More
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In true modern marketing ala “Apple”, Slate Digital has laid all the cards out on the table with a LOT of new products. One of them being the FG-Swiss, which is Slate’s Virtual Mix Rack module based on the Empirical Labs Distressor. First and foremost I wanted to reveal the FG-SWISS, which is an exact replica of one of the most famous hardware compressors in the industry known for being a “Swiss Army Knife”. This compressor is like eight compressors in one! It is so versatile and can even sound likeRead More

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iZotope VocalSynth

Artists like Imogen Heap, Daft Punk, and Chance the Rapper have avidly used vocal effects such as vocoders, harmonizers, and talk boxes to create new and inspired sounds. Now iZotope has combined all of these in only the way they can with VocalSynth. Cambridge, MA (May 18, 2016) – Inspired by decades of iconic vocal effects, from Peter Frampton to Beastie Boys to Daft Punk, iZotope, Inc. today announced the release of VocalSynth, a new creative plug-in for music producers and sound designers in search of distinctive vocals. VocalSynth is the first everRead More
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Propellerhead keeping moving steadily forward in becoming the all in one DAW completely controlled by one company. Although this approach could be seen as an issue given the amount of plugins we all have purchased, Reason keeps giving more, well reasons, to switch over. Propellerhead Reveals Reason 9 Music Production Software Make music with exciting new devices, sounds, and creative tools for pure musical inspiration Stockholm, Sweden, May 19, 2016 – Propellerhead Software today announced Reason 9, the latest version of the world’s favorite music production software. Reason 9 builds onRead More
I’m not sure how this one got past me but Audio Legends in collaboration with Slate Digital have released a mixing course in which Chris Lord Alge shows some of his patented tricks to mix a song. There are a few options to choose from with one being just the course with no plugins, to a course with a months worth of a subscription to the Slate Everything Bundle, and even a package that includes the course as well as a years subscription to Slate Digital’s Everything Bundle. In thisRead More