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Xils DeeS

Xils Lab is branching out from the soft synth world to give us a new De-Esser called DeeS. This plugin is a quick solution to cancel the sibilance and harsh frequencies in tracks. XILS-lab takes the s(tress) out of sibilance with transparent de-esser plug-in par excellence GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of XILS DeeS — an easy-to-use de-esser plug-in for all major Mac (OS X 10.5 or higher) and PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8) compatible formats for rapidly ridding voice recordings of all sibilant-related defects while powerfullyRead More

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Review bx_refinement

Very few things can bring a mix to a halt more quickly than that grating resonance in the high mids cutting through a mix. This area is occupied by a lot of different instruments and can build to the point of a piercing boil in an otherwise great mix. Mixing and mastering engineers use all sorts of tools to tame these areas in mixes, but what if you had an all-in-one solution with a few more tricks up its sleeve?   bx_Refinement is the latest offering from Brainworx and distributedRead More
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Waldorf Streichfett

We all know fashion and music and cyclical and sounds from the past usually come back into modern music. This is apparent in the sound of 80’s synths coming back into pop music. Waldorf has created the ultimate tool to bring back the sound of vintage string machines in a way that is new and fresh with Streichfett. This small piece of hardware plugs in via USB or Midi and features extremely easy controls to dial in the perfect sound. Plus it’s portable. I REALLY hope to see a pluginRead More

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Review: Vermilion Audio ION 8

It seems nowadays if you don’t manufacture at least one piece of 500 series gear, you’re almost considered out of touch with the “in crowd” of pro audio. More and more companies are re-releasing their mainstay products to accommodate these space saving racks. Some are even coming back from the grave just to release some 500 series versions. This not only gives you some of the most beloved pieces of gear; but it also places it in a format that can expand the capabilities of the various preamps, dynamics, EQ,Read More
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We’ve featured a review of Softube’s version of the Valley People Dynamite (Here) and loved it. Now UAD users can get the same dynamic mangling creative plugin in Universal Audio’s DSP driven plugin suite. If that’s not enough for you, they are also offering the broad stroke EQ called the Tonelux Tilt. The Tilt features emulations of the circuitry of the hardware version of the same name. SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • July 8, 2014 — Universal Audio has released two plug-ins for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform and Apollo audio interfaces. Developed by SoftubeRead More
Universal Audio is cranking out some really high end gear and this one actually surprised me. I never would’ve thought of an emulation of this incredible piece of tube hardware. The Culture Vulture is an analog lover’s dream and outside of most of our price range, but now you can color as many tracks as you desire with the UAD version. SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • July 8, 2014 — Universal Audio is pleased to announce the Thermionic Culture Vulture Plug-In for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform and Apollo audio interfaces. For more than 15 years, theRead More
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Tone2 Electra2

Tone2 just keeps cranking out the hits to allow YOU to crank out the hits. This synth was formerly Electra X but has now been upgraded to version 2 with all sorts of new enhancements and a sleek new look. It should be hitting shelves next week some time. Tone2 Audiosoftware is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Electra2, the successor of ElectraX. Coming early July, a major upgrade to our successful ElectraX synthesizer workstation will be released. Equipped with a high quality sound engine, multilayer support and aRead More
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Kush Audio AAX Friday

Not only is today the 4th of July and that is great and all but just as important, Kush audio has released some betas for Clariphonic DSP and Pusher! Finally we can celebrate our independence from a bunch of mediocre AAX plugins with the arrival of these instant hits. As a bonus, for a limited time, they are offering the plugins for the no brainer price of just $99 each. This Friday, July 4, Kush will be releasing very stable, well-tested AAX public beta’s for both the Clariphonic DSP andRead More
We all love free, but it will cost you… well a few clicks of a mouse and some social media “followery” is all they ask of you.  Remember these guys and their awesome rack? They’re giving one away with two Meris preamps! Go on over and enter… or don’t so I can have better odds of winning. Wait… you all better be glad I uphold my integrity to report all of the great things in audio or I’d just let this one slide by the PR desk…. Summer is here!Read More
In a bold move of promotion to show that Eventide plugins have their place in the front runners of plugin manufacturers, UltraChannel is sporting a better looking interface and is available for free until midnight July 8, 2014. Just visit HERE and enter access code 0B4968F2. You will need the Pace iLok License Manager available HERE (Mac) or HERE (Windows) but you won’t have to have an iLok, although they’re nice to have if you move from computer to computer. EVENTIDE ULTRACHANNEL NATIVE CHANNEL STRIP – FREE DOWNLOAD Dongleless 64-bit channel stripRead More