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Maschine is a must have for anyone sampling or creating loops. The sequencer software has more updates in version 2.6 NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Releases MASCHINE Software Update Free software update packed with new features to spark musicians’ creativity and spontaneity February 14, 2017, Berlin – Native Instruments today released a feature- packed new software update for their acclaimed MASCHINE family of music- making tools. The MASCHINE 2.6 update, free to all registered owners of MASCHINE 2 software, brings several innovative features to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE  MK1 and 2, and MASCHINE MIKRORead More

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Warm Audio WA-87 Condenser Microphone

  Our good friends at Warm Audio have ventured into new territory. The WA-87 is their own rendition of the Neumann U87, one of the workhorses in the industry. Instead of costing you an arm and a leg, this $599.00 microphone claims to be every bit of the classic as its predecessors. Hopefully we will get our hands on one soon. The classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser microphone in pop recording history.  Rather than base our WA-87 circuit on current incarnations of this mic, we decided to closely follow the early circuit designs that date back nearly half a century.  As is true with many classic microphones, engineers who have worked with different versions of these microphones oftenRead More

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Warm Audio WA-412

The WA-12 is a mainstay at Everything Recording HQ (review of MkI HERE and HERE). Why own one when you can own 4 in a 1u rack? The WA-412 provides 4 channels of classic American console preamps in a sleek 1RU design. This style of preamp is often referred to as “the sound of Rock n’ Roll” for its BIG punchy low end and smooth open top end. The price/performance ratio of the WA-412 is almost unfathomable to the experienced studio engineer who has possibly paid much more for preamps of this style during their career. Featuring fully discrete socketed 6-pin opampsRead More

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Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter Zi Vari Z

  The original Cloudlifter is indispensable especially when using the infamous Shure SM7 on vocals. Ribbon mics and dynamics need that extra boost of clean gain to bring out the best quality possible. Now the Cloudlifter Zi features more settings catered to both dynamic and ribbon mics as well as instruments. Different choices of impedance combines with high pass filtering place the tone of your instruments back in your hands and not the snot nosed, stoned sound engineer. Cloud Microphones brings their popular Cloudlifter® Mic Activator® technology to guitar players, bassRead More

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Placid Audio Resonator A and B

A wise man once said “Anyone can use plugins for effects. Set yourself apart by using other means.” Placid Audio make these “other means” with their creative sounding microphones. They have released their new Resonator A and Resonator B microphones. Personally I like the B… and not just because that’s the first letter of my name. We are excited to announce our Resonator Series mics are now officially available! Listen to sound samples of both Resonator Variants: Resonator B Resonator A Although the Resonator can be used live or inRead More

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Touch Innovations Kontrol Master

Touch Innovations is a relatively new name to the scene, but as soon as I saw this interface, I loved the look. It takes me right back to endless days in the arcade. These buttons do more than just throw a punch or fire a laser. Plus the name harkens to Mortal Kombat! Kontrol Master has the brains to match the beauty too. I may have to give one of these a try. Kontrol Master provides a revolutionary and unique experience, effectively and effortlessly integrating its user’s second hand into theRead More
We don’t have much to go off of but this is usually typical of the Slate marketing machine, but it seems Steven Slate is on his way to a complete autonomous recording environment. Next up is the DAW. Also on top of an interface, the Small Diaphragm Virtual Microphone will be released at some point as well.   “For twenty years, I have dreamed of bringing the professional studio to anyone who wants to make music. I’m talking about microphone lockers filled with every classic mic imaginable. Tape machines andRead More

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Softube Console 1 Mk II with UAD Support

The Softube Console Mk I was a very useful tool in its own right in regards to controlling Softube software. Not only has MkII of Console 1 come with a price drop, but support for other plugin companies and DAWs have been added. High-end plug-in specialist Softube is proud to announce Console 1 Mk II — an upgraded version of its award-winning hardware/software mixing system, representing an enormous leap forward from its predecessor with support for selected UAD Powered Plug-ins from Universal Audio and a substantial, permanent price drop — at The 2017 NAMMRead More

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Soundelux USA Announces U99 Microphone

Soundelux has manufactured the U195 is regarded by many professionals as one of the most versatile mics. A veritable Swiss Army knife that works in almost any situation. The U99 takes the same approach, incorporating the sound of the infamous K67 capsule. Inspired by the original “Sound of Tomorrow 67”, Soundelux USA announces the U99 multi-pattern tube microphone; a versatile, high-quality workhorse mic that rises to any task a studio can throw at it.   Featuring a k67 dual symmetrical backplate dual membrane capsule along with the signature Soundelux USARead More
Joey Sturgis is known for his extremely useful and detailed models of different types of guitar amps and cabinets. Toneforge is pleased to announce the Jason Richardson plugin. Joey Sturgis Tones​ is excited to announce Toneforge Jason Richardson​, the latest addition to the Toneforge line of plugins. This plugin offers three new amp designs, two custom cabinets, three effect pedals, and a complete post-processing section. All aspects of ​Toneforge Jason Richardson​ are derived from the tones created with producer Taylor Larson on Jason’s debut solo album, “I” and then progressed withRead More