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Unless you’ve been living in some analog cave (which sounds pretty cool now that I think about it), you’ve heard about Virtual Mix Rack. Steven Slate, (who a friend of mine has called the “Criss Angel of Pro Audio”) excitedly announced VMR well over a year ago and the recording community have been tapping their foot in anticipation. Finally, the day is upon us. Virtual Mix Rack is here and we’re going to look under the hood to see if it was worth the wait.   Virtual Mix Rack attemptsRead More
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Posted On December 3, 2014By BryanIn Latest News, Software

U-he Presswerk Beta

I’m extremely excited to see this. U-he makes some incredible unique plugins, (see Satin Review HERE) and they’re back with a public beta of Presswerk. What I like initially about this dynamics plugin is they’ve made it their own right off the bat. They’re not touting some emulation of history’s greats but are pacing the way with an innovative new plugin that can do what the oldies do too. They are offering a free beta that will last you long enough to probably want to buy when it comes out.Read More
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Tracktion Marketplace

Tracktion is a DAW that has been gaining quite a bit of ground in the recordingsphere. It is extremely affordable and is becoming the “no nonsense” DAW of choice for many that are tired of the bloated overcomplicated GUIs that infest modern workstations. Now they are offering a place to buy upgrades for Tracktion. Seattle, WA (November 28, 2014) – Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) is pleased to announce the public beta release of a revolutionary new feature called, MARKETPLACE. More than a mere on-line bazaar, MARKETPLACE enables the download ofRead More
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Posted On December 3, 2014By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Massey DRT V2 AAX

  Massey’s vision of drum replacement is now available for Pro Tools 11! DRT is now alive and well for Pro Tools 11 and the AAX format on Mac. I hope to get TD5 crackling before the end of the year. Then I’m back to the Windows Neverland of Microsoft Visual Studio to work on Windows versions! Sorry, I just can’t accurately speculate on a release date for AAX on Windows. It’s been a spell since I’ve coded anything on Windows and I’ve already hit one sticky, annoying issue: MicrosoftRead More
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Tone2 UltraSpace

Tone2 is definitely becoming a force to reckon with. Their Virtual Instruments are top notch and contain a great deal of useful effects contained within. Now they are offering an expanded version of the reverb contained in their soft synths with Ultra Space. TONE2 Audiosoftware release UltraSpace UltraSpace is the complete ambience-modeling solution. It can simulate nearly any kind of room, echo or acoustic environment with high-end sound quality. UltraSpace is far more than just another reverb – it’s a complete compilation of different effect units covering all important aspectsRead More

Posted On November 19, 2014By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: FabFilter Pro-Q 2

FabFilter Pro-Q needs no introduction. When people with the reputation that Tony Maserati and F. Reid Shippen have use this plugin regularly, you know you’ve done something right. There’s no real reason to do a typical review of this plugin so lets take a look at the new features and see whether they are useful or just fluff. I mean, could an EQ that is already great in its own right justify trying to get your money a second time?   FabFilter is not your normal EQ plugin to beginRead More
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Posted On November 18, 2014By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Eiosis AirEQ

The illusive plugin we’ve been obsessively refreshing the webpage of has arrived! Slate co-founder is back with his vision of the ultimate in EQ plugins. AirEQ is guaranteed to add a whole new creative workflow to your mixed with several elemental attributes to inject the utmost in musical quality to your tracks. Now if I can just track down his de-esser plugin ported to AAX, my life will be complete. With its unprecedented Character and Strength parameters, Air and Earth bands, ease of use, intuitive and musical features, AirEQ is trulyRead More
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Posted On November 18, 2014By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Slate Virtual Mix Rack

The day has finally come people. Slate’s 500 series plugin vision is complete. We all know Slate products sometimes get a little prematurely announced but I’m very sure it is just out of the sheer excitement over the new product he’s about to release. Nonetheless, SLATE VIRTUAL MIX RACK is here. I’ve been waiting on this one since the day it came out and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The surprise alongside the release is a free Slate Plugin. You heard right a FREE plugin. Revival is an easy toRead More
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Posted On November 18, 2014By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

SSL XL 9000 K for Softube Console 1

Console 1 is Softube’s answer for an easy-to-use tactile counterpart for in-the-box engineers who want a more tactile response. You also get emulations of famous consoles which they already have the SSL 4000 console. All knobs for controls are accessible without having to mouse of dig through menus. Now Softube has added the famous SSL XL9000 K console emulation. This console is known for its clean crisp sound and thunderous tight low end. Although this is a very transparent board, used for hip hop and R&B records the world over,Read More

Posted On October 28, 2014By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News, Reviews

Review: Meris 440

Another day, another preamp based on a staple in classic American recording, right? Well, not so fast. The folks at Meris understand the market is fairly saturated (unintentional pun) and have set themselves apart with their own rendition, stocked with quite a few more bells and whistles than your run-of-the-mill 500 series preamp.   The Meris 440 comes equipped with Cinemag input and output transformers, giving you that classic punch, with both weight and open top end. It features both an input and output knob, allowing you to push thatRead More