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Posted On February 17, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Antares Auto-Tune 8

I know… I know… I’m late to the party on this one. The press release somehow slipped through my inbox without me posting it, but it warrants a mention (as well as a review coming soon). Antares has been the biggest name in pitch correction software in both vocal applications and even has recently ventured into the guitar world. Now they have their answer to Melodyne with version 8 of their flagship software, Auto-Tune. Antares Audio Technologies announces the release of Auto-Tune 8, the latest version of the world’s leadingRead More
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Posted On February 16, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Kush Audio Electra DSP Plugin

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. Kush is back at it again by modeling one of their own brainchildren, the Electra Transient EQ. This EQ is very unique in its own right by offering 5 uniquely tuned frequency bands, a unique high pass filter, and (you guessed it) a uniquely behaving gain that focuses the frequency of your choice as you crank the level. Like a fine wine and cheese, Electra pairs the best parts of Equalization and Transients. The Electra DSP is arguably theRead More
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Posted On February 16, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Waves dbx 160 Plugin

  The dbx 160 is up there with the 1176 as one of the greats, especially for drums. There’s a reason Vintage King can’t keep the original units on shelves. On top of that most of us that own small project studios usually need things like food and mortgages and can’t necessarily go pick up the originals. Waves has got the rest of us covered with their closely modeled rendition of the 160. Considered one of the best drum compressors ever, the original dbx® 160 stands tall among its peers, boastingRead More
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Posted On February 12, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Focusrite Red 2 & 3

Do you own any of the newer Focusrite interfaces? Well if you don’t you might want to go pick one up because Focusrite is offering the Red 2 and 3 plugins as a free upgrade. This also means Pro Tools 11 support! Focusrite introduces the Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite, featuring 64-bit AU, VST and AAX compatibility. These are the first Focusrite plug-ins to include AAX support, making them compatible with Pro Tools® 10 and 11. With its introduction, the new Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite isRead More
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Posted On February 12, 2015By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

Focusrite Clarett Range

It’s about time! Thunderbolt has been around for years and the industry has been dipping its toe in slowly and opening up to the capabilities. I’ve just recently switched my HD rig over the Thunderbolt with a Sonnet chassis and haven’t looked back. I still need something portable. This may be it. Incorporating preamps designed from the ISA, you can’t go wrong. Focusrite create the best audio interfaces in the world. Now, launching their obsession for sound quality into the world of Thunderbolt, they have released a range of audioRead More

Posted On February 12, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Waves H-Reverb

The H-Compressor and H-Delay are staples in the recording world and are used in a great deal of tracks across many genres. Now Waves have added a new reverb to the mix with H-Reverb. Waves Audio  is now shipping the Waves H-Reverb plugin, a pioneering reverb based on innovative algorithmic FIR (Finite Impulse Response) reverberation technology. H-Reverb provides richer, deeper reverb tails that sit beautifully in the mix while breathing crisp air into your tracks. By fusing classic reverb sounds with forward-thinking features that break new ground in digital reverbRead More
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Posted On February 12, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Waves Butch Vig Vocals Plugin

If you’re reading this, you already know who Butch Vig is. If you don’t know, don’t feel bad. Just go watch either the Foo Fighters Documentary or Sonic Highways. Once you’ve done that, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the new signature series Butch Vig plugin to help getting that classic driving forward vocal tone of the legend himself. Even if you don’t want the sound, at least look at that awesome interface. Waves Audio  introduces the Waves Signature SeriesButch Vig Vocals plugin. Among the most influential rock producers ofRead More

Posted On February 12, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Tone2 Vocoder Soundset for Electra2

Tone2 Electra2 is probably one of the most powerful, creative synths out right now. You get more ease of control and features to make extremely custom sounds. Another great reason to own Electra2 is the soundest Tone2 releases. Each is unique in its own right and fits into almost any genre with very little effort. This vocoder soundset is no different. The vocoder soundset offers 200 impressive vocoder presets ranging from playable vocal phrases to robotic chants, organic vocal synths and droidic drum grooves. It takes advantage of the powerfulRead More

Posted On February 12, 2015By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Softube Transient Shaper

Transient tools have become big business in the plugin world. I believe the SPL version was one of the first with many coming along very shortly after. Most of them just dealt with the whole signal. Softube has decided to give you more control with the all new Transient Shaper. Transient Shaper was announced and demonstrated at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. With its dual band operation, Transient Shaper goes beyond what one might expect from a transient tool. The dual band feature allows the user to setRead More
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Posted On December 29, 2014By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News

Arturia Audio Interface

The name explains it all right? Arturia makes some incredible software and hardware synths so it seems natural they venture into hardware for recording. I’m actually really excited to see what they have to offer especially given that I travel a great deal and like the size of this one. I’m sure it will have the same attention to detail and quality that made them famous in the first place. First announced as part of the cutting-edge company’s recent 15th anniversary celebrations, Arturia President Frédéric Brun boldly promised that this next-generation audioRead More