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Posted On October 18, 2017By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review iZotope Neutron 2 Advanced

Might want to grab a snack, this in-depth review of Neutron 2, covers just about ever feature of Neutron. We felt this was necessary since we’ve never reviewed this plugin before. For a Review of Ozone 8 Advanced, click HERE While other plugin manufacturers have been busy making glossy, aesthetically pleasing replicas of gear from the days of yore, iZotope has been soldiering on, taking their tried and true approach of plugins that focus on quality and user-friendliness, to the next level. Neutron 2 packs tools every mix and masteringRead More

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Review Kush Novatron

The UBK-1 is a mainstay plugin since its introduction into the digital world. Countless professionals and bedroom engineers rely on this Swiss Army compressor for more than just a tool to tame dynamics. This plugin changed the way many thought of a compressor plugin by incorporating multiple stages of compression with individual mix controls all in one interface. UBK-1 inspired movement in mixes, not just a way to level the dynamic playing field. Now, Kush have released Novatron, a compressor that claims to have the versatility of three different typesRead More

Posted On September 27, 2017By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News, Reviews

Review: Kush Audio Clariphonic MS

We’ve seen the Clariphonic grow in a unique hardware / software evolution, whereby the hardware inspires the creation of a plugin and the software pushes the envelope to consider new features for the hardware. Which is where we end up in this review. Now Kush has completed the circle (and then some) by updating the analog hardware to include a new feature previously only found in the Clariphonic MkII plugin: Mid/Side processing.   OVERVIEW: For the few of you who may not know about the Clariphonic, here is a briefRead More

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Review: Sonible Smart:EQ+

We’ve all been here. A track presents itself with problematic frequencies and resonances but no matter how much tweaking is done, just won’t fit in a mix. Maybe you’re a professional in a fast-paced audio environment who needs precision on the go. Maybe you’re new to the mixing game and need a little help learning what to look for when EQing tracks. Or… maybe you’re just a lazy engineer. There’s no shame in any of that; Sonible Smart:EQ+ has you covered. This EQ uses intelligent algorithms in its “smart” bandsRead More
Welcome to the final section of the Pro Tools 12 Review. For previous parts, visit the review section HERE. This section details the overall review for Pro Tools 12. Part 5: Review During the course of these Pro Tools 12.7 Explained series, a lot of ground has been covered. What started out as just a review of Pro Tools changes since version 11 became so big that it had to be broken into parts just to go over all of the major bells and whistles. This in itself should demonstrateRead More
This is Part 4 of a 5 part series reviewing Pro Tools 12. For previous parts, visit the Reviews section HERE. This section lays out new features only available in Pro Tools HD. Part 4: HD only Features Of course, all of the new features that both Standard and HD Pro Tools carry in version 12.6 is a long and impressive list, but what’s the point of upgrading to HD. No worries folks, Avid have that department covered with a few features that may or may not have you pullingRead More
Welcome to Part 3 of a 5 part Everything Recording Review or Pro Tools 12. For Part 1, click HERE. For Part 2, click HERE. This Section explains all of the new feature updates for both Pro Tools Standard and HD. Part 3: Features for Standard and HD All of these visual bells and whistles make life much easier and are great but functionality is king when it comes to making audio sound the best it can in the shortest amount of time. Don’t worry, Avid has you covered. First,Read More
  The Internet has brought all new ways of honing mixing skills. Forums, video tutorials, and even sites like this one ( offer generic tips and tricks but do not necessarily address mix issues specific to the mix you’re working on.  On the other side of the spectrum are in-house studio workshops, which come with a hefty price tag as well as shortcomings of their own.  Although the classroom setting is much more personal, having other students can both take focus away from each person’s development as well as inhibitRead More
Welcome to Part 2 of Everything Recording’s 5 part review of Pro Tools 12. For Part 1, click HERE. This part explains all of the visual and editing features in Pro Tools 12.   Part 2: The Visual and Editing Features: Pro Tools 12 comes packed with a ton of new visual and editing enhancements. Ever pondered why the “Session Notes” even existed with what little info it displayed? This popup window that displays changes since the session was last used has been expanded to explain I/O changes between systems, andRead More
This is part 1 of a 5 part series that both explains Pro Tools 12’s features and reviews the software. Each week, a new part will be released, leading up to the overall review in part 5. Enjoy! Part 1: Overview So here I was, sitting in front of a DAW that was constantly locking up and spitting out “AAE Error -9173” within 10 seconds of pressing the space bar – even on moderate sessions. The DAW in question was Pro Tools HD 11.3. The hardware I was running wasRead More