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This is part 1 of a 5 part series that both explains Pro Tools 12’s features and reviews the software. Each week, a new part will be released, leading up to the overall review in part 5. Enjoy! Part 1: Overview So here I was, sitting in front of a DAW that was constantly locking up and spitting out “AAE Error -9173” within 10 seconds of pressing the space bar – even on moderate sessions. The DAW in question was Pro Tools HD 11.3. The hardware I was running wasRead More

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Review: FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plugin

The landscape of reverb plugins is getting more densely populated by the day. It seems every virtual synth designer has ported the reverb module from their virtual instruments into a plugin form. With impulse response libraries, algorithmic models, and digital creations of vintage hardware units, it seems there’s really no more ground to cover. Not so fast. FabFilter is throwing their hat in the ring with Pro-R.   What sets FabFilter apart from other plugin designers is simple: this company takes intricate controls and unique features and places them inRead More

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Review: Warm Audio WA-2A

Warm Audio has returned with another rendition of one of the most used compressors in the history of recording. The WA-2A, as the name gives away is a true-to-life version of the LA-2A, a tube leveling amplifier that has showed up on countless recordings. Known for its use in smoothing out vocals, solidifying bass, and bringing life to pretty much anything that can be recorded, the LA-2A is a perfect tool for the home studio and major league recording company alike. The problem being with the former is the priceRead More
Today, Kush Audio throws everyone a complete curveball by releasing a new “co-branded partnership” venture with A-Designs. A while back, Gregory Scott had mentioned to Everything Recording that due a new streamlined process of coding his DSP creations, that more products would be released more frequently. Initially, we thought this meant more Kush plugins which was already great news. We did not expect for the company to move into assisting other hardware manufacturers with DSP versions of their gear. What makes this new chapter in Kush Audio so great isRead More
Plugin Alliance has thrown us a sonic curveball with their latest venture with (relatively new comer) Unfiltered Audio. Fault is tough to categorize due to all of the different features packed inside its interface. This plugin incorporates, delay, frequency shifting, pitch shifting, LFO filters, modulation, stereo widening, and even a function that drops the sample rate of the entire plugin to create some unheard of effects. On top of all of these features, Fault has a virtual patch bay routing system that can route various outputs to be triggered byRead More

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Review: Plugin Alliance bx_Console

I’m going to just come out and say it: for the most part, channel strip plugins have missed the mark. Sure, companies can model a channel of an SSL or Neve and sound very close, but they miss a very important aspect of what makes these consoles great: “subtle variation”. This is due to the tolerances in parts that make up each channel. The same components are used on each channel, but each component behaves slightly different in each channel, thus creating subtle changes between channels. This entropy in theRead More

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Review: iZotope Ozone 7

For years, iZotope has revolutionized home mastering with Ozone. Version 7 has handed more tools over to the user to make home mastering as intuitive and easy as possible. Just like before, Ozone is split into two versions: Standard and Advanced. Standard will give you access to the most used portions of the suite plus a new Vintage Limiter, updated Maximizer with IRC IV, and MP3/AAC export. Advanced incorporates all of the same features as Standard but also ads component plugins for 10 modules, Codec preview, the Insight Metering Plugin,Read More
Headphone companies are springing up daily. It seems every celebrity is photographed with some bright colored beacon proudly affixed on their heads. Even companies who have no affiliation with audio are making brands. It’s all too much. Why can’t it just be easier? Well it can. Simply choose a company with a track record of knowing what sounds good and who has a history to prove it. Could it be a company who makes guitar and bass amps? Maybe… Let’s find out.   Orange has made a power play atRead More

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Review: Audified MixChecker

We all have multiple speakers in the studio to reference data. We constantly worry about how our mixes will translate and spend precious time exporting, emailing files to ourselves, running to the car, listening on the phone, and repeating until you’ve used up storage space on your email and other devices. It’s an extremely nerve wracking process that needs to happen to ensure audio sounds good across all mediums. What if there were a plugin that models these devices and you could monitor all straight from the comfort of yourRead More
Oh look, another 1176 emulation! But I have 30 of them INCLUDING the FG-116 already in the Virtual Mix Rack. Why do I need another one? Why should I shell out $200.00 for something I already have?   First off calm down! I’m just a news site. Let’s tackle these questions one at a time because when I got the press release, each of these questions popped in my head. I’m going to take a slightly different approach to this review. Instead of spending time analyzing each aspect of thisRead More