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Posted On September 9, 2016By BryanIn Hardware, Latest News, Slightly Off Topic

Jeremy Bell: ScrubBoard

Are you prepared to have your mind blown? Mad Scientist Jeremy Bell contacted me to show me some DIY gear he had made. I randomly get contacted from time to time and usually the products are… well… interesting so I lazily clicked the link to the Youtube video while I was working on something else. Immediately I stopped what I was doing and within 30 seconds of watching more, my jaw was on the floor. The video is below:   So now you’re probably already googling how to buy one. It’sRead More

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We made ourself a new friend. Not only does LLane Music have a genius Instagram account (HERE) that is full of droolworthy studios, but they also feature a site where they sell instrumentals. Add on top of that a killer studio themselves and you’ve got a killer combo. If you’re looking for instrumentals, production, or pictures of studios, look no further. Link: www.llanemusic.comRead More
Sylvia Massy is hosting a free Creative Live Studio Pass workshop March 23rd and 24th. She is the complete package, not only can she mix circles around most of the guys in the business, she looks better than all of them! She also has released a new book “Recording Unhinged”. Registration is free. SEATTLE, Wash. – CreativeLive ‘Music & Audio’ has announced a free, two day ‘Studio Pass’ workshop to be hosted by veteran producer and engineer, Sylvia Massy, known for her work with legends like Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool,Read More
“There are no mixing rock stars.” This sentence resonates an attitude that is slowly falling by the wayside amid a vast landscape of social media and reality TV. It seems that everyone nowadays is performing to whatever crowd of friends, followers, and strangers… trying to be noticed and become the next big thing. Although this attitude is needed in most fields of the entertainment world, being an audio engineer requires a contradictory outlook. This can be a tough road for someone going into mixing with the wrong expectations. F. ReidRead More

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We Got a Facelift

Everything Recording has been around for 3 long years and we’ve had the exact…same…look. Seeing that I don’t really read the site like most of you do, I didn’t realize just how much hell I was putting your eyes through with the old black gloomy background. Not to mention that in 3 years, web technology grows exponentially and that site was the equivalent to Windows 95 and CRT monitors. It was just too basic and if you know me personally, you know I’m not a fan of basic anything. OnRead More

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Avid Warns Us on Mavericks

The folks over at Pro Tools Expert have given us a stern warning about upgrading at first. As cool as Mavericks looks, I can’t have a computer crashing so here’s your warning. See that ‘X’ in the graphic above, on this occasion it means ‘DON’T!’ Avid have posted a knowledgebase article warning Pro Tools users and those with Avid hardware not to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Sadly those needing to read and take this advice have perhaps already proceeded, if you are smart enough to wait aRead More

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Avid Documentary on Abbey Road

We all know about Abbey Road Studios. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall at a session in this iconic studio? Well if not, go away. If so, then boy do we have a treat for you. Avid gives us all access to emerging band, Strangefruit recording tracks from their new album. Episode 1 is out now and soon more episodes will premiere. Avid has launched Inside Abbey Road, a web-based documentary series set inside the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. In the series, Grammy-nominated producerRead More

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Help Launch A Career

Everything Recording has decided that since the PR Model for most pro audio companies is a little lackluster at times, that we are going to use this page to launch careers. If you have an artist or ARE an artist who I think is cool, I’ll feature your project. This week’s project is one I’ve invested a great deal of time and money into. Ike Allday is an artist I have worked with for about 2 years. I’ve done all of the production and mixing. It was a learning experienceRead More

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Go Do This!

Brett Hestla is a guy. He is a guy who has a vast career in music with some great albums under his belt. He also owns and operates a studio in Florida. All of this sounds like a perfect combination to just up and create a solo project, but what most people that do not run a business fail to realize is that even though you own the studio, time is money and there are bills to pay. So Brett is offering several options and some really sharp headshots toRead More

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Waves AAX Support

While we’re on the subject of Waves Plugins, in order to quell the throngs of scared Pro Tools users, Waves has announced their plugins will have AAX Support. This whole Pro Tools 11 debacle has become the Y2k of the recording industry with the masses waiting in angst to see if their favortie go-to plug-in will work when Avid makes the big swap and puts the RTAS format in the dirt. My main question is probably your question too, and that is, ONCE Waves makes the plug-ins AAX Compatible, doRead More