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Pro Tools MP9

I’m not too happy with Avid right now due to how crappy my Pro Tools 9 works on my Mac Pro and my Laptop setup. The sad part is that Pro Tools runs better on my internal sound card of my MacBook Pro better than it does on a piece of hardware AVID BUILT FOR PRO TOOLS. Seriously folks, don’t buy a 003, Unless that 003 is the one I have for sale on craigslist right now. BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW.

Anywho, the redheaded step child of Avid, M-Audio gets it’s own version of Pro Tools now and hopefully it works in conjunction with it’s hardware better than 9 does with it’s own.


Avid today announced the availability of  Pro Tools MP 9, the latest version of the award-winning Pro Tools software, which enables M-Audio hardware enthusiasts to harness professional-quality recording, editing, and mixing features in their home or project studios. Avid also announced all-new bundles that combine Pro Tools MP 9 software with select M-Audio interfaces to deliver industry-leading music creation solutions at an extraordinary value. Pro Tools MP 9 leverages the same core functionality found in Avid’s Pro Tools software, the top choice for music and audio professionals. New Pro Tools MP 9 features include Automatic Delay Compensation for great-sounding, phase-accurate mixes; and MP3 export capability, which enables users to easily share their creations with the world. Avid’s Pro Tools MP 9 software will be offered standalone for use with select M-Audio interfaces, as well as in all-new, value-packed bundles with the M-Audio MobilePreFast Track Pro or Fast Track Ultra interfaces, providing the essential tools that customers need to create professional-quality music. Specifically designed to work with select Avid’s M-Audio audio interfaces, Pro Tools MP 9 delivers a professional, stable platform intended for personal studio and mobile music creation.

Pricing and availability Pricing for Pro Tools MP 9 is $299.95, and upgrades are available to existing Pro Tools M-Powered(tm) users for $199.95. Pricing for Pro Tools MP 9 bundles begins at $329.95 for Pro Tools MP 9 + MobilePre, $399.95 for Pro Tools MP 9 + Fast Track Pro and $549.95 for Pro Tools + Fast Track Ultra. All prices USMSRP. All options will be available worldwide on May 16, 2011.

PS I still love you Avid. We’re just going through a “Rough Patch” but we’ll get back to normal once we go HD.

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  1. I don’t understand the point of this bundle. SO I’m guessing this bundle only works with M-audio hardware when the rest pro tools 9 works with anything

    • Honestly Czar, I don’t really understand it either. The only thing I can figure out is it is a version of Pro Tools that works with M-Audio hardware (that Avid now owns) and I’m guessing its taking the place of the old Pro Tools LE. Since Pro Tools 9 by itself is so pricey, they’re offering a similar version with hardware for a lower price point. I guess they’re trying to cover all of their bases. It still seems stupid to me but I guess they know what they’re doing.

  2. Avid pro tools sometime creates problem but its latest version is the solution to all its problems.It has various advanced features and it is also inexpensive.Nice post.

  3. buy it best buy .nows your chance to get for under 100 dallors.dont wait. sounds to good to be true but im holding and loading right now.

  4. I am a newbie to Pro Tools anything. I don’t have a thimble full of knowledge of DAWS in general. I’m a guitar player. I bought PT MP9 along with Fast Track Pro Interface. In my opinion it sucks. Boom, the drum machine sounds like a cat scratching on a tin roof. Its terrible. All I wanted to do was to make some jam tracks to play my guitar along with. I think I would have been better off just to buy some pre-made jam tracks minus the lead guitar. I also wanted to try to do some song writing but to me PT is so complicated I can’t even do that. You would think you would at least get a thorough manual but you don’t even get that. You got to scrounge around on the net or You Tube and try to find a tutorial to tell you how to do something. My advice is DON’T BUY PROTOOLS unless you are familiar with DAWS.

    • Alot of guitarists prefer Presonus studio one. Might wanna find a demo of that to see what you think. Sounds to me like you’re looking more for an all in one DAW and while Pro Tools has a lot of basic features, it doesn’t have as much as say… Reason 6 does. You might also like Reason 6 as well. Give those a try

    • I am a guitarist also and have PTmp9. Yeah a manual would have been nice but I’ve learned to be patient with this DAW stuff over the years, it’s a very humbling experience and you can get your ASIO in a bundle rather quickly. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there on the subject that will help you sort things out. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to banging out quality jam trax with JUST this software. I’m lucky to have aquired a bunch of outboard sequencers and standalone DAW’s to help with some quick jam ideas. But don’t give up on PT just yet. I’m no pro user either, but when I discover how to do something new it’s pretty rewarding and encouraging.

  5. I cant get it to freaking install on my windows 8 laptop. any ideas?

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