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This is an interesting turn of events. Audified has made quite a few unique approaches to pro audio and this is no exception. The Synergy R1 is a hybrid software – hardware 500 series module that features reverb and saturation. BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio effects developer Audified is proud to announce (upcoming) availability of SYNERGY R1 — representing its first foray into hardware with a ‘remote-controlled’ software/hardware hybrid digital (REVERB)/analogue (SATURATOR) processing module for the 500 series modular rack frame format popularised by API (Automated Processes, Inc.)Read More

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Elysia Mpressor 500

  The MPressor takes compression to a whole new level. Now you can fit it in your 500 series rack! NETTETAL, GERMANY: high-end studio processor manufacturer elysia is proud to announce availability of the mpressor 500 — furthering the lengthening lineup of its 500 Series hardware by bringing the heritage of its immensely powerful rack-mount mpressor creative compressor to bear on the fashionable 500 series standard — as of October 10… Like its bigger brother, the mpressor 500 combines serious punch with a full and detailed class-A sound. Its tremendous tone and flexibility make it a consummate choice for recording andRead More
What if you could have the power to decide what type of preamp you want to track with long after you’ve recorded the audio? Who wouldn’t want to be able to choose between, a transformerless preamp, a Neve, or API weeks after the guitar player left? This has long been the dream of engineers who have “recorders remorse” after using the flavor of the month pre and weeks later regretting it all together. Those days can now be behind you.   Kush has returned with a new piece of hardwareRead More

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Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone 500

Sometimes all you need is a little balance. Tilt EQs can sometimes even tame material better than a standard EQ. Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone does this in a 500 series package. What sets Tilt Tone apart from other tilt EQ’s is the flexibility in giving the user 3 different center frequencies on which to “tilt” your EQ. The Tilt Tone Channel 500 (Tilt TC/500) is a 500 series channel strip featuring a balanced line level signal processor incorporating our class A discrete buffer amp from our world renowned Nicerizer summing mixer, a DI with ourRead More
Analog / Digital mad scientist Gregory Scott is back with both new hardware and software. The Kush Audio Omega is a 500 series preamp that’s made to be pushed. It also has a nice companion in the Transformer plugins. The two working together are made to deliver all of the vibe of some of the greats in vintage audio. The plugins don’t just work exclusively with the Omega preamp. They can be used just to add some flavor to existing tracks. Review coming soon. The Signature Mic Preamp from KushRead More

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Kush Audio Omega 500 Series Preamp

If you listen to UBKHappyFunTimeHour, good on you! If you don’t or haven’t, go HERE to start. If you listen very attentively, you would’ve heard Gregory Scott hint at new Kush hardware a while back. Well, now is the time and Omega is a preamp that completes the ultimate signal chain that is all Kush. This isn’t just your normal 500 series pre that has vintage or clean sound. It has whatever you want… and it will continue to expand. How you ask? Well, the preamp is the perfect complimentRead More
Slate Digital brought out the Virtual Mix Rack (Review Here) and promised all sorts of new modules. They started with modeling some of the greats and now are offering a design of their own, the Custom Series EQ. This EQ does something that many mix engineers have done on their own in the past with both their hardware, plugins, or even a combination of both. Engineers like Manny Marroquin use specific hardware EQs for specific characteristics on specific frequencies to obtain what they consider the perfect EQ. This setup usuallyRead More

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Elysia Karacter 500

Elysia keeps cranking out the hits giving the masses new inventive tools to add to the analog arsenal. This next piece of gear adds just about any kind of tonal enhancement from subtle saturation to all out distortion. NETTETAL, GERMANY: high-end studio processor manufacturer elysia is proud to announce availability of the karacter 500 — a discrete class-A stereo saturator symbolising the latest addition to its line of 500 products — as of November 16… As a discrete class-A device, the karacter 500 covers a complete sonic spectrum, including mastering-gradeRead More

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Black Lion Audio B12A MkII 500

Wow that’s a lot of letters but basically what it means is Black Lion Audio, purveyors of all things modded have released the second iteration of their popular API style preamp for 500 series. I wish it had a low cut filter though. Black Lion Audio, an independently owned hardware manufacturer, today announced the release of the B12A MKII 500, an API®-style single channel microphone preamp just like the popular B12A MKII ½ rack unit, but in the convenient and flexible 500 series format. All Black Lion Audio products areRead More
The Elysia xpressor is an extremely creative compressor that has become a mainstay in studios all around the world. Now the 500 series version is shedding the blue exterior for a sleek wooden cream and coffee run for a limited time. These things look great! Get them fast, theres only 50 each We are delighted to unveil a unique look to our line by offering a limited series of our best selling compressor – the xpressor 500 – with hand made wooden front panels, available in both “coffee“ and “cream”Read More