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Posted On February 22, 2017By BryanIn Latest News, Reviews, Software

Review: FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plugin

The landscape of reverb plugins is getting more densely populated by the day. It seems every virtual synth designer has ported the reverb module from their virtual instruments into a plugin form. With impulse response libraries, algorithmic models, and digital creations of vintage hardware units, it seems there’s really no more ground to cover. Not so fast. FabFilter is throwing their hat in the ring with Pro-R.   What sets FabFilter apart from other plugin designers is simple: this company takes intricate controls and unique features and places them inRead More
Zaytoven is a monster when it comes to producing some of hip hop’s greatest hits. Now he’s given us a peek inside the workflow and mind of a beat making genius. BOZEMAN, MT, USA: urban and contemporary music virtual instrument creator and distributor StudioLinked is proud to announce availability of ZAYTOVEN’S FUNKY FINGERS — a dynamic virtual instrument influenced by the signature sound of GRAMMY® award-winning American record producer, DJ, and pianist Zaytoven, aimed at aspiring producers and budding beat-makers — as of February 10… Asked about the motivation behind the creation of his virtualRead More
We’ve reviewed the Toneforge Menace (Review HERE) and were very impressed. Now JST is back with the Guilty Pleasure Amp Simulator. November 3, 2016 – Michigan – Audio Entrepreneur and Producer Joey Sturgis (Joey Sturgis Tones, Unstoppable Recording Machine, Drumforge) has released his newest Guitar Amp Simulator, Toneforge Guilty Pleasure. Toneforge Guilty Pleasure features a custom high-gain amp, four all new pedals (overdrive, delay, reverb, and, for the first time in Toneforge, a Wah pedal), two cabs and four microphones, the ability to load individual Impulse Responses (IRs), and improvedRead More

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iZotope Mobius Filter

Movement is essential to a mix. It can bring life to an otherwise dull track and can make or break a song. Get the upper hand with Mobius. Cambridge, MA (March 29, 2015) – iZotope, Inc., makers of award-winning tools for audio production, is announcing the release of Mobius Filter, a new effect plug-in that creates the sensation of infinite movement. Based on the auditory illusion of the Shepard Tone, the filters within Mobius Filter appear to defy logic, producing perpetually rising or falling effects that can be easily manipulated with a playfulRead More

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Drawmer 1973

Softube has a great reputation of making tried-and-true plugin emulations of the greats. Need proof? Reviews HERE (Dynamite), HERE (Tubetech Classic Channel), and HERE (TSAR Reverb). Now that the formalities are out of the way, Softube has coded another Drawmer classic with the 1973 Multi Band Compressor. LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: Swedish high-end plug-in developer Softube is proud to announce availability of the Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor plug-in, providing the latest in precision compression and dynamic control with the unmistakable sound of a modern Drawmer classic. Micro-manage your dynamics Get deep into the details with independent control over three frequencyRead More

Posted On March 31, 2016By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Audiffex inValve Effects

Anyone who coded plugins for TC Electronics knows their way around software. Audiffex ventures out on their own with their valve saturated channel strip, complete with Preamp, EQ, and Compressor. All for $49.00. BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio effects developer Audified is proud to announce availability of its second-generation Audiffex inValve Effects — an affordable plug-in suite simulating proven valve processing hardware with accurate modelling of analogue circuitry and valve characteristics as part of its Hybrid Valve Series — as of March 2… Now in its second generation, Audiffex inValve Effects has history, dating back to theRead More

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Waves NX Virtual Mixroom

I was very excited when I first saw news on this product, then I was quickly let down by the misrepresentation of the term “Mix Room”. NX is essentially a plugin that lets you move your head around and feel what it would feel like to be in a mix room. It can mix in stereo and surround. It is supposed to make mixing in headphones feel more real. Where it falls flat is that it does not correct the fundamental flaws in mixing with headphones, creating flat response. IfRead More

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Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates

Plate Reverbs are considered the cool kids of the reverbs. They add a vibe all their own to music. Abbey Road is in the exact same ballpark, with some of the most coveted pieces of gear in existence. One is their EMT 140 Plate Reverb. These aren’t your run of the mill Plate Reverbs either. The engineers at Abbey Road modded the plates with unique solid state preamps to keep all of the bad stuff out of the good stuff. Now Waves has meticulously modeled these into a plate reverbRead More

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FabFilter Plugin Updates

FabFilter has updated their whole lineup of great plugins to correct many bug fixes. If you’d like to see some reviews on a few FabFilter plugins, click on the links below. FabFilter Saturn FabFilter Pro-Q2 FabFilter Pro-C2 All plug-ins updated We have just released minor updates for all plug-ins, which solve a few issues that have surfaced after the last update release in December 2015: Restored support for Windows XP in all plug-ins. Added a workaround for a bug in Logic’s AU validation tool on OS X 10.6 up toRead More

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iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay

Time is running out. Head on over to iZotope to get a limited time FREE version of their new Dynamic Delay, DDLY. This very easy-to-use interface will take the mundane out of your effects chain. Did I mention it’s free? DDLY combines top-shelf analog and granular delay with a dynamic responsiveness to incoming audio, providing both conventional and unconventional effects on a variety of instruments. The plug-in is well-suited for drums, vocals, synths, guitars, and any other source with a strong range of dynamics and expressiveness. On a drum track,Read More