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Posted On September 21, 2017By BryanIn Latest News, Software

Kush Audio Releases Novatron Compressor

The newest compressor from Kush Audio has arrived. Novatron takes all of the goodness from different compressors and places them in one interface. This allows Novatron to mimic the sound of very expensive analog in only ways a plugin can. Novatron is an analog-modeled compressor that borrows so many sonic properties from so many different classic hardware units that, ironically, it could only exist in the world of dsp. It has separate input and output transformer Saturations, two optional Tone circuits, and a monstrous Compressor with groundbreaking attack and releaseRead More
Transient shapers are all the rage. Waves have stepped in the ring with their own iteration. Smack Attack gives their own spin and extended controls to add more pop, sustain, and punch to your tracks. KNOXVILLE, TN, May 1, 2017 — Waves Audio, a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, is now shipping the Smack Attack transient shaper plugin. The Waves Smack Attack plugin adds smack and bite to drums, loops, synth hits and all percussive sounds, by designing the level, shape and duration of their transients’ attack andRead More
Dynamics can be used to tame transient material but also can be used as a creative tool to shape tone and create movement. Impact Soundworks have updated their transient side-chain shaping tool with PEAK RIDER 2. FULTON, MD, USA: audio software creator Impact Soundworks is proud to announce availability of PEAK RIDER 2 — advancing the creative scope of its popular PEAK RIDER release as a dynamic processing plug-in for any AU-, AAX-, RTAS-, and VST-compatible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) host supporting sidechaining — as of April 13… As an advanced sidechain dynamic processor that is asRead More
Plugin Alliance makes incredibly useful tools for mixing and processing. Just look at bx_Console (Review HERE). Now low end can be tamed and shaped easily in just one easy tool. I’ve already installed it and threw it on bass and kick drum and the results are surprisingly quick and DEEP. SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: Plugin Alliance, a new ‘Über-standard’ supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof, is proud to announce availability of bx_subfilter — an AAX Native and DSP-, AU-, VST2-, andRead More
With improving modeling software and upgraded DSP with UAD-2, the SSL4000E Channel Strip has been upgraded even more. The classic console desired by many, is now more faithfully updated. Introduced in 1979, the SSL 4000 E console brought a modern sound to the world, powering more platinum-selling records than any other. Its bold, punchy character and incredible dynamics has made the SSL 4000 a true industry standard and a bastion of modern recording. In close partnership with Solid State Logic®, Universal Audio proudly unveils the all-new SSL 4000 E Channel StripRead More

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Audified TNT Voice Executor Plugin

For a lot of voiceover professionals, efficiency is the key to quick deadlines without sacrificing quality. Audified TNT Voice Executor provides the very solution to both speed and quality on your speech tracks. BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio effects developer Audified is proud to announce availability of TNT Voice Executor — a unique utilitarian plug-in offering no-nonsense processing of vocal and spoken word tracks to sophisticatedly solve any issues instantaneously — as of March 1… By their very nature, human voices are complex mechanisms; marvellously, we can recognise individuals from their vocalisations — beRead More

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Focusrite Scarlett Octopre Series

The Octopre series has been a standard for home recording artists as well as professional studios who need extra channels for a good price. Now the Octopre series have been updates with Scarlett preamps, featuring higher headroom and even a model with built in dynamics. With all of these new features, a studio can throw any task at Octopre and watch it handle it with ease. Focusrite is debuting two new Scarlett OctoPre mic-pre units: the standard Scarlett OctoPre and the Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic. With eight channels of Focusrite’s second-generationRead More

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McDSP AE600 Active Equalizer

Dynamic EQ is must have in the tool box given that more tracks being recorded in non treated environments. Sometimes EQ isn’t enough to tame harsh frequencies in a mix. Conventional methods sometimes render cuts in problem frequencies hollow, but active EQ can treat issues without losing fidelity. AE600 adds more bands to the already great AE400’s 4 bands. McDSP is proud to announce the release of the AE600 Active Equalizer. The AE600 is a greatly improved version of McDSP’s TEC Award Nominated AE400 Active Equalizer, with more bands, more EQRead More

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Audified Updates the U73b Interface

Audified has upgraded the front end of their U73b compressor’s GUI with a sleek, more-true-to-the-original interface based on the old German compressor. BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio effects developer Audified is proud to announce availability of the second-generation version of its U73b Compressor — capable of running as an AAX, VST3, and VST2 plug-in on Mac (OS X 10.9 – 10.12) and PC (Windows 7, 8, and 10) and AU on Mac as an authentic emulation of the unique-sounding Sixties-vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter hardware with which it shares its name (and which, despite itsRead More
The API 2500 is one of the most used bus compressors on the market. It sometimes finds its way onto mix busses without even actually compressing anything. Now the plugin is available for the UAD platform. The API 2500 Bus Compressor is a fixture on the stereo bus of many the world’s top engineers and producers. Considered the best of the Paul Wolff-era API circuit designs, this iconic hardware is relied upon to deliver energy, movement, and tone to stereo mixes and subgroups. Available in the UAD Store for $299, theRead More