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Amplitube has become a staple among musicians on the go due to the iRig, giving a multitube (yep, multitube) of amps and effects right on your phone. Now they have updated their flagship iOS app with even more. April 20, 2017 – IK Multimedia is pleased to announce that a free update for AmpliTube for iPhone® and AmpliTube for iPad® is now available in the App Store®. This update provides more included free gear with the full, LE and CS versions of the app, and adds the availability of Fender® Collection 2 forRead More

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IK Multimedia T-Racks Saturator X

T-Racks were some of the first plugins I used when I started mixing in the box. I still use the T-Racks CS suite to this day. IK Multimedia is back with a very versatile tool to add a little warmth or all out havoc on your tracks. Saturator X lets you choose between 10 different types of saturation and even features a brick wall limiter to maintain order even on the most extreme cases. T-RackS Saturator X is a plug-in that can be used on individual tracks or on theRead More

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IK Multimedia SampleTank 3.5

IK Multimedia has a major update to the company’s flagship software sampler SampleTank 3. This includes 11 new sound collections and 12 new libraries. Using the Custom Shop, you can buy these sounds individually or the whole package. This really expands SampleTank to the big leagues. IK Multimedia is proud to announce that SampleTank® 3, its industry-standard sample workstation has just received a major update in the form of version 3.5. The update consists of 11 brand new sound collections, which are now also available in IK’s new SampleTank “CustomRead More
IK Multimedia is back again with more modeled EQs! This time they’re going for the classic American sound with 3 new EQs that are similar to the API EQs that have shaped American music in the 70’s and today. Of course, these have the IK Twist. Lets just hope they don’t use as much DSP as the other T-Racks plugins. September 18, 2014 – IK Multimedia is proud to announce the addition of the EQ P50A, EQ P50B and EQ P60G to the T-RackS Custom Shop lineup. With them in the mix, the Custom Shop now features overRead More
The old military spec paint, the iconic combination of red and blue Marconi knobs with grey fluted concentric knobs – even people who aren’t in the business of recording can recognize the design. There is no doubt that these colors represent one of the biggest names in recording and thanks to Dave Grohl and his incredible movie, he has driven the price of the hardware sky high. Yes, we all know the movie was great and his intentions were pure, but now this British staple in the pro audio worldRead More
We all like winning right? Well why not get in on IK Multimedia and Orange Amps latest giveaway. They’re not kidding around with this giveaway offering you two chances to win QUITE a bit of prizes. April 23, 2014 – IK Multimedia, the global leader in digital modeling technology, announced a collaboration with Orange Amplification® to kick off the exciting release of AmpliTube Orange for iPhone/iPad by giving musicians the chance to win over $2200 in hardware and software music creation prizes! Entries will be accepted on the IK Multimedia websiteRead More

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T-Racks EQ73 and EQ81

Can you guess what great pieces of gear T-Racks have emulated? You can easily guess it by the look, a staple of any major recording studio, a classic British company that rhymes with Neve… wait.. oh well the cat is out of the bag. IK Multimedia have already emulated the classic SSL consoles and now they’re adding to their empire with the EQ73 and EQ81. These models have been painstakingly recreated by the gurus over at IK and are available in the custom shop. So if you’re anything like me,Read More

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IK Multimedia ENGL for Amplitube

ENGL makes some killer amps with loads of gain. Now IK Multimedia has added more high gain edginess to the Amplitube store. They have added the ENGL E650, Powerball, and 2 4X12 cabs. ENGL E650 The E650 all-tube amp head is an ENGL signature model that brings an incredible range of rhythm and high-gain lead tones from a dual mode amp. It delivers a vast array of tones from sparkling clean to bone-crunching distortion, and everything in between thanks to its two switchable channels with different gain ranges, a sharedRead More

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IK Multimedia: iLoud

Continuing their reign as the leader in mobile pro audio, IK Multimedia have introduced iLoud to the masses. This interface, which is about the size of an iPad and a little over 2 inches thick delivers high quality audio that can me used as an external speaker for any mobile device with bluetooth as well as an 1/8″ jack as well. That gives you just about any scenario for interfacing. I just wish you could run more than one device on it thus creating a wireless mini PA system. OtherRead More

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IK Multimedia iRig Pro

A trend I’ve been seeing is iOS interfaces getting bulkier and when you’re going for portability, size is the enemy. The guys over at IK Multimedia understand this and have released the iRig Pro, a one stop shop for all things recording. You get a 1/4″ XLR combo along with a MIDI connection. Not only that but they offer compatibility for all types of Mac devices. You can pretty much plug in any type of mic, midi device or 1/4″ instrument and start making music just about anywhere that willRead More