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Kush Audio has been working on a top secret project for months and I’ve been bothering them to tell me… Then this announcement showed up! 2 years of researching the initial 100 microseconds of analog compression is about to pay off. Reactions from our veteran testers: “How on earth did you do this??” – Alexi C. “Unreal… has more glue than half my hardware.” – Michael V. “Ridiculously easy to use, and the sound… I’m truly amazed.” – Moilim Y. Stay tuned to the Museletter, all will be revealed. 09.05.17Read More

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Review: Tone2 Electra2

We’ve reviewed quite a few of Tone2’s products, (link to reviews for Nemesis, and Saurus,) and for the most part, they are great tools. Each bring their own flavor to the table and fit right into almost any style of music. So when we were given the chance to peek under the hood and kick the tires of Electra2, we jumped at the opportunity.   Electra2 is the second incarnation of Tone2’s ElectraX, a multi-layer software synthesizer with countless features. It comes in VST and AU varieties but is still leaving outRead More

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Tracktion WaveRazor

The Tracktion DAW is slowly sneaking up on the big boys with its unique interface and features. Now they have ventured out in the Virtual Instrument field with WaveRazor Unleash your dark side with Waverazor — a futuristic synth that gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new sounds. The patent-pending oscillator design utilizes a new form of synthesis to produce biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and everything in between. Twist and torture every parameter of sound using a central oscilloscope for precise waveform creation. Morph multipleRead More

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Review: iZotope Ozone 7

For years, iZotope has revolutionized home mastering with Ozone. Version 7 has handed more tools over to the user to make home mastering as intuitive and easy as possible. Just like before, Ozone is split into two versions: Standard and Advanced. Standard will give you access to the most used portions of the suite plus a new Vintage Limiter, updated Maximizer with IRC IV, and MP3/AAC export. Advanced incorporates all of the same features as Standard but also ads component plugins for 10 modules, Codec preview, the Insight Metering Plugin,Read More
What if you could have the power to decide what type of preamp you want to track with long after you’ve recorded the audio? Who wouldn’t want to be able to choose between, a transformerless preamp, a Neve, or API weeks after the guitar player left? This has long been the dream of engineers who have “recorders remorse” after using the flavor of the month pre and weeks later regretting it all together. Those days can now be behind you.   Kush has returned with a new piece of hardwareRead More

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Arturia Updates V Collection 5

Arturia have listened to the users and updated the new V Collection 5 to reflect requested features. Arturia roll out an essential update for their award-winning V Collection 5. The first software update to Arturia’s V Collection 5 – the award-winning bundle of pristinely modelled vintage keyboards – has now been released. Arturia’s team of dedicated programmers and engineers have listened to the user community and have improved the software based on their suggestions. More of a subtle ‘under the hood’ update than a total revamp, the enhancements improve general stabilityRead More

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Review: Slate Digital Bomber

Most Slate Digital plugins are modeled after specific pieces of gear, but recently, originals such as the Custom Series EQ and Tilt EQ (Review Here) have made their way into the mix. The Bomber is another original concoction from Steven Slate. According to Slate, this dynamic enhancing tool takes all of the experience they have learned from modeling famous gear and places it in one easy to use dynamics enhancer. This module is part of the Virtual Mix Rack (Review Here), a 500 series type plugin rack that houses manyRead More

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Spitfire Audio Evo Grid 3

Spitfire has made some incredible leaps in virtual instruments libraries and is one of the leaders in the field. Continuing that reign in the sound design world, Spitfire has released EVO GRID 3, a concept that literally beckons you to hit one note on the keyboard and let EVO GRID 3 do the rest. LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio, purveyors of the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples in the world, is proud to announce availability of PP021 EVO GRID 3 — taking its EVO GRID concept into hitherto uncharted musical waters withRead More

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Audified MixChecker

Having as many reference sources as possible is crucial in the mixing game. Audified combines all of these sources into one plugin that goes on your mix buss that allows fast switching between reference material with MixChecker. BOSKOVICE, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio effects developer Audified is proud to announce availability of MixChecker — a must-have mixing assistant plug-in that transforms studio monitors into classic reference monitors or one of several consumer devices to instantly improve mixes — as of May 16… Mixing music or other content for consumer consumption is an art inRead More

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Softube Heartbeat on Sale

Softube no doubt makes some great plugins. Now they’ve taken a shot at their rendition of what they would consider all of the best parts of sequencers from the good ole’ days. They’ve also dropped the price for a limited time. As of yesterday, April 21, 2016, our drum synth, Heartbeat, is available on sale for 99.50 through a special offer in collaboration with Native Instruments. Heartbeat is compatible with the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) extended plug-in format which is supported by Maschine and the Komplete Kontrol keyboards range. NKSRead More