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Waves One Knob Plug-Ins

“One Knob is all you need to get the job done – That’s what she said” – Zeb Green

I’m not sure I’m for this or against these new version of plug-ins that Waves has been releasing. I think they have a place for people who just want good recordings but don’t really care about learning the fundamentals but it worries me people will get overconfident in their abilities and the people who want to learn will have a false sense of security in knowing the fundamentals of mixing.

But then again what do I know, I’ve slammed my hand in a car door.

Each of these plug-ins do one thing and do it very well.


You’ve got- Complete with Zeb commentary

Brighter: Adds Treble – “Do you ever wish there was a knob you could turn to make your life brighter, well now we have a knob that can do that to your muddy mixes”

Driver: Dirties up tracks with some overdrive. “Somebody call Morgan Freeman and let him have the day off, cuz Waves has your driver right here.”

Phatter: Which throws bump and lows into the mix. “The only thing that would give this more street cred is if it drank 40′s and hosted dog fights.”

Filter: Which adds a band pass EQ filter for those nice sweep effects like a telephone. “The only way you hear this effect is when I call your mom late at night.”

Louder: Makes it louder without pushing it too hard “That’s what she said”

Pressure: Allows the mix to breath with compression. “Thats what she said” That doesn’t work here “I’m on MEDS” *Throws Mountain Dew can at my head.

Wetter: Saturates the track in moisture (effects) “Someone needs to call Rhianna and ask to borrow her Umbeerrrella ella ellla ellla…” Wow…. Gold


*Throws Mountain Dew can at Zeb

*Zeb Whispers… ella

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  1. I just got these and I’m loving them. I wasn’t sure how useful they’d be since you really don’t have control over hardly anything but they actually sound really good on lots of stuff if you dial in the right amount without overdoing it (although that sometimes works too). I get why these might be too simple for real engineers but if you’re a musician like me and just want to get stuff sounding good without slaving over it then these are the best thing going.

    • You hit the nail right on the head Tim. Sometimes you just want to make music and not have to figure out all of the technicals and these seem perfect for that. I’m glad these are working out for you. I really need to give them a try sometime. I have used the CLA bundle and those are extremely powerful. You should check those out. How much did these plug-ins cost you?

      • I paid 240 for the whole bundle. I think you can get them individually too but not sure how much they cost.

        I’ve tried the CLA bundle and have the JJP and they’re both awesome. Kind of like a step up from the one knob with more controls but still really easy to get it sounding like a finished mix. I hope they keep making these kinds of plugins. I’m new school. I love anything that makes it easier to make music.

        • Thats not bad at all! And kudos for paying for the plug-ins. Too many people torrent them and that makes research and development budget go down for software companies. You should look into Nomad Factory’s Magnetic bundle. I use it on at least two or 3 tracks on every session I do.

        • Ok I just reviewed the One Knob series and we might need to have a public debate because my review is a little one sided against these plug-ins. They’re not bad sounding, just way too one dimensional for me. Here’s the link.

  2. Any plugins Similar to CLA plug in? do you have to have iLok with CLA plug in? I’m trying to use something like it in Garageband to flesh out my ideas without “slaving” like you guys said. just to get a feel of where i want the song to go before really mixing.

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